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Family Dentist in Hoffman Estates

An apicoectomy is a minor treatment that involves removing the infected tip of a tooth root, then sealing the interior of the tooth to prevent further infection.

In most cases, when pulp in the root of a tooth becomes infected, root canal therapy is performed. This removes the infection and prevents it from spreading further. In traditional root canal therapy, the full pulp is removed from the tooth, along with any infected tissue. When this is not possible or previous root canal therapy has failed, an apicoectomy is recommended.

Root Canal Retreatments

If you have had a failed root canal, Dr. Hatakeyama can provide you with a root canal retreatment which can be done to ensure that our patients can keep their natural teeth. You can call 847-884-0120 to learn more about root canal retreatment in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Our dentists can also answer your questions and address your concerns during your pre-treatment consultation at Hoffman Estates Dental Professionals.

Internal Tooth Bleaching

Internal tooth bleaching is an endodontic service that treats the inner pulp of your tooth. Many patients want whiter teeth, but discoloration can occur on the inside of your tooth as well the outside. Internal dental stains can create further esthetic issues as they darken over time. If you are wondering what may cause stains on the inside of the tooth structure (known as intrinsic stains), here are a few possibilities:

  • An abnormally high ingestion of fluoride or the antibiotic tetracycline when teeth are forming (from birth to age 16)
  • Damage to the nerve of the tooth, from a facial trauma or dental injury
  • Regular, age-related discoloration

Internal tooth bleaching in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, is a customized service that Dr. Hatakeyama can be used, depending on the cause of your intrinsic staining. A previously unsuccessful root canal can cause discoloration, or your tooth may be discolored because you need a root canal. Depending on your situation, our dentists can place a bleaching agent inside the tooth, or custom whitening options are also available. Please contact our team by calling 847-884-0120, and you can enjoy long-lasting results from Hoffman Estates Dental Professionals. We look forward to seeing you soon.