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The Dangers of Grinding | Dental Implants in Hoffman Estates

December 1, 2021

Teeth grinding, known as bruxism, is a habit many get into without even realizing it. Grinding your teeth can be damaging for several reasons. If you or your child have been struggling with teeth grinding, make an appointment to see […]

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We Love Making You Smile | Hoffman Estates Family Dentist

November 15, 2021

For most people, visiting the dentist isn’t exactly their idea of fun. Some people have a fear of going to the dentist and this keeps them from getting regular professional cleanings and essential oral health care. We understand how important […]

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7 Ways to Get Your Calcium Dairy-Free | Hoffman Estates IL Dentist

November 1, 2021

Calcium is an important mineral for building strong, healthy teeth, but not everyone can tolerate the lactose found in dairy. Lactose is a sugar found in milk and other dairy products. About 65% of people have reduced ability to process […]

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We’d Love to See You More | Dentist Near Me

October 15, 2021

Have you ever wondered how often you should be visiting our team? Being proactive rather than reactive with oral health could help prevent long term tooth loss and other dental problems. According to a study published in the Journal of […]

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9 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About the Tongue | Dentist in 60169

October 1, 2021

We use our tongues every day to talk, taste, and swallow, yet we rarely take time to think about this flexible organ. Here are 9 things you may not know about the tongue: The longest recorded tongue was more than […]

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Seniors and Oral Health | Hoffman Estates Family Dentist

September 15, 2021

Your teeth age with you. It’s important to keep them strong and healthy even as you grow older. Seniors are at a higher risk for developing periodontal disease. In addition to getting a regular dental examination, here are some other […]

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Should I Be Using a Tongue Scraper? | Hoffman Estates IL Dentist

September 1, 2021

In addition to brushing your teeth twice each day and flossing at least once, it is also important to take good care of your tongue. Bacteria can build up on your tongue throughout the day. For some patients, using a […]

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Root Canals – Debunking the Myths | Dentist 60169

August 15, 2021

The internet is fraught with myths about everything. In this “information age” you might think it would be easy to find the truth, but that’s not always the case. Dentistry is no different. It’s no surprise that dental myths are […]

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Healthy is the New Beautiful | Dentist in Hoffman Estates

August 1, 2021

Cosmetic dentistry has been around for ages. We’ve noticed that now, more than ever, people are concerned with overall wellness in addition to a beautiful smile. In past years, we had many patients come to us seeking whitening and seeming […]

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Coffee and Your Teeth | Dentist in Hoffman Estates

July 15, 2021

Coffee is well-known as hazardous to teeth, but there are things you can do besides cut it out completely. Here are some things to know about coffee’s effects on your oral health and diet, as well as how to mitigate […]